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04 Sep 2015Learning Series: Share Extension
26 Jun 2015Undo Send graduates out of Gmail Labs
02 May 2015Learning Series: Switch to Account
18 Feb 2015My favorite stuff from 2014 by
26 Dec 2014End of the year Mailplane reviews
18 Nov 2014OS X Yosemite
04 Oct 2014Gmail Themes
21 Aug 2014Help Page
17 Jun 2014iLegalPad Review
27 May 2014Mailplane 3.2 and PDFpen discount
21 Apr 2014Gmail's New Inserting Interface
25 Mar 2014Gmail Updates Security
12 Feb 2014Google Contacts Made Easier
29 Dec 2013Apple Insider Review
16 Dec 2013Always show images
15 Dec 2013Export Gmail and Calendar
29 Nov 2013MacNews Mailplane Review
20 Nov 2013Love Gmail, Use Mailplane
14 Nov 2013OS X Mavericks
16 Sep 2013The Idea Behind the New Compose
16 Sep 2013Adding events to Google Calendar
15 Aug 2013Old compose mode is no longer available
06 Aug 2013Using the Full Screen Option with New Compose
28 Jul 2013Mailplane 2.5.12
27 Jun 2013Mailplane 3 MacWorld Review
27 Jun 2013Gmail Begins Year 10!
26 Apr 2013Mailplane 3 in the Press
16 Apr 2013Mailplane 3 Has Arrived!
28 Feb 2013How to remove Google Plus from your account
24 Feb 2013 :  ‘Mailplane - The best of both worlds?’ - A great review!
13 Feb 2013Hello from Mailplane Support!
25 Jul 2012Mailplane for Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
06 May 2012Gmail Lab features “Automatic Message Translation” and “Smart Mute” Graduated
02 Apr Top 3 Gmail Management Apps for Mac
01 Apr 2012Mailplane 2.5.6 released
19 Mar 2012Gmail improvement: Star and label messages before you send them
23 Feb 2012“Typical Mac User” Interview at Macworld | iWorld 2012 [AUDIO]
23 Feb 2012‘Macvoices’ interview at Macworld [VIDEO]
23 Feb 2012‘ForMacEyesOnly’ Interview Recorded at Macworld 2012 [AUDIO]
28 Jan 2012Macworld | iWorld 2012 - San Francisco [Picture]
27 Jan 2012Where to find us at Macworld | iWorld 2012 San Francisco
21 Jan 2012Mailplane 2.5.5 released
19 Jan 2012We’ll be exhibiting at Macworld iWorld 2012
28 Nov 2011Just launched: Replies a brand new app for email customer support [VIDEO]
15 Nov 2011Mailplane 2.5.4 released
02 Nov 2011The new Gmail look [VIDEO]
02 Nov 2011Mailplane review in Russian
02 Nov 2011Google launches iOS Gmail application
21 Oct 2011New Version of Gmail Coming Soon [VIDEO]
20 Oct 2011Mailplane 2.5.3 released
15 Sep 2011Mailplane 2.5.2 released
06 Sep 2011Portuguese Mailplane Review
29 Aug 2011Mailplane 2.5.1 released
17 Aug 2011Around Apple reviews Mailplane
09 Aug 2011Mailplane 2.5 released
05 Aug 2011New Gmail lab feature: Preview Pane
05 Aug 2011Gmail Snooze with Apps Script
08 Jul 2011Coming soon to Gmail: Pick your favorite inbox style
07 Jul 2011Mailplane 2.4.1 released
02 Jul 2011A preview of Gmail’s new look
29 Jun 2011Protect yourself from scams by knowing who really emailed you
23 Jun 201110 Gmail gadgets to try
22 Jun 2011Improved Boomerang Plugin
02 Jun 2011Gmail Lab features: 3 Labs graduations, 1 retirement
31 May 2011Introducing the Gmail people widget
16 May 2011Mailplane 2.4 released
05 May 2011Gmail: Store up to 25000 contacts
02 May 2011New Gmail Lab Feature: Background Send
14 Apr 2011Custom background image themes
03 Apr 2011Mailplane 2.3.1 released
31 Mar 2011Lyn image browser supports Mailplane
25 Mar 2011Time Magazine: Mailplane is one of the ‘four ways to make Gmail better’
23 Mar 2011Switching to Gmail got easier
11 Mar 2011New Gmail lab feature: Smart Labels
11 Mar 2011Gmail: Click to call phone numbers
01 Mar 2011Gmail back soon for everyone
28 Feb 2011Dealing with label overload
19 Feb 201112 new file formats in the Google Docs Viewer
11 Feb 2011Advanced sign-in security for Gmail users
09 Feb 2011BusyCal adds support for Mailplane
06 Feb 2011Mailplane 2.3 released
05 Feb 2011Google improves Gmail contact groups
21 Jan 2011VVMac Magazine: Mailplane Receives 4.5 out of 5 Stars!
20 Jan 2011New Gmail Lab Feature: Find Labs with search-as-you-type
03 Jan 2011MacNN review: Mailplane gets 4.5 out of 5 stars
27 Dec 2010TUAW: The best Mac application I used in 2010
15 Dec 2010Very useful website to teach your parents and grandparents
15 Dec 2010Gmail improvement: Restore your contacts
15 Dec 2010Email delegation: Granting access to your Gmail account
07 Dec 2010Google improves Gmail’s Priority Inbox
02 Dec 2010Gmail improvements: Smart mute and easy unmute
01 Dec 2010New Gmail lab feature: Recently used emoji
22 Nov reviews Mailplane
08 Nov 2010Alfred launcher supports Mailplane
05 Nov 2010Five new Gmail Themes
27 Oct 2010New Gmail lab feature: Auto-advance to the next conversation
06 Oct 2010Mailplane 2.2.1 released
30 Sep 2010Turn off Gmail’s conversation view
24 Sep 2010Gizmodo recommends Mailplane
22 Sep 2010TUAW: Mailplane 2.2 adds several key features
21 Sep 2010PlanetGraham: Mailplane App. The best way to use Gmail on a Mac.
21 Sep 2010Alarms & Mailplane: Schedule Gmail conversations
20 Sep 2010Mailplane 2.2 released
17 Sep 2010New Gmail lab feature: Video chat enhancements
10 Sep 2010ComputerWorld: Mailplane works perfectly with “Priority Inbox”
10 Sep 20105 tips for using Priority Inbox
07 Sep 2010FrüchteMix Blog: Swiss Mailplane Review in German
04 Sep 2010Mailplane 2.1.11 released
03 Sep 2010Google is trimming privacy policies
01 Sep 2010Email overload? Try Priority Inbox
01 Sep 2010Easier event scheduling in Google Calendar
26 Aug 2010Call phones from Gmail (for U.S. users only)
25 Aug 2010Updates to Contacts and a (slightly) new look for Gmail
25 Aug 2010New Gmail lab feature: Find docs and sites quickly with Apps Search
25 Aug 2010Gmail Rich text signatures
25 Aug 2010Galactic Inbox: An HTML5 game inspired by Gmail
07 Aug 2010Mailplane 2.1.10 released
02 Jul 2010Grandmother’s guide to Gmail video chat
25 Jun 2010View .doc attachments right in Mailplane
25 Jun 2010Mailplane 2.1.9 released
25 Jun 2010Cup Magazine Mailplane review
09 Jun 2010Gmail video and voice chat improvements
28 May 2010New Google Tool: Migrating from Microsoft Outlook
28 May 2010New Gmail lab feature: Move the attachment and other icon column
28 May 201010 tips for using Gmail at work
10 May 2010Coder 007 reviews Mailplane
07 May 2010Czech Mailplane review
28 Apr 2010Mailplane 2.1.8 released
20 Apr 2010Mailplane Review in Catalan
02 Apr 2010Mailplane 2.1.7 released
29 Mar 2010Softpedia Editorial Review: Mailplane gets 4 out of 5 stars
26 Mar 2010Mailplane 2.1.6 released
25 Mar 2010Detecting suspicious Gmail account activity
23 Mar 2010Goodbye – Hello Mailplane
15 Mar 2010Gmail Blog: Better controls for buzz in your inbox
13 Mar 2010Borsato: Mailplane review in Dutch
09 Mar 2010New Gmail lab feature: Refresh POP accounts
02 Mar 2010Mailplane 2.1.5 released
02 Mar 2010Gmail Labs graduation and retirement
02 Mar 2010Fast “separate” Gmail windows
15 Feb 2010Mailplane supports Google Buzz
15 Feb 2010Improved Google Search in Labs
29 Jan 2010Mailplane 2.1.4 released
29 Jan 2010AppleMatters: Problems Solved
27 Jan 2010“Real Uses” blog: Interview about Mailplane
25 Jan 2010Engadget: 10 outdated elements of desktop operating systems
21 Jan 2010Gmail now serves better ads
18 Jan 2010MacOnlySource Review: Excellent Alternative to OSX Mail
13 Jan 2010Mailplane 2.1.3 released
13 Jan 2010Default https access for Gmail
11 Jan 2010Solution for the Gmail/WebKit issue causing crashes
21 Dec 2009Using ScreenSteps with Mailplane
15 Dec 2009New Gmail lab feature: Mark unread from here
11 Dec 2009Mailplane 2.1.2 released
08 Dec 2009Offline Gmail graduates from Labs
02 Dec 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Default text styling
01 Dec 2009Offline Gmail: Bye bye Google Gears? Hello HTML5?
28 Nov 2009Mailplane 2.1.1 released
24 Nov 2009Like to try “Send attachments while offline”?
18 Nov 2009Mailplane 2.1 released
12 Nov 2009New Mailplane how-to articles
12 Nov 2009Enhanced License: Use Mailplane on all your Macs
05 Nov 2009Offline Gmail: Choose which messages get downloaded
28 Oct 2009I’ll give a talk at the International “QL & Mac are 25” event
26 Oct 2009What’s new with Gmail on iPhone
26 Oct 2009Swedish Review on
19 Oct 2009Macgasm Mailplane video review
17 Oct 2009Mailplane 2.0.15 released
16 Oct 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Google docs previews
15 Oct 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Got the wrong Bob?
09 Oct 2009TUAW: Mac power tools - charge up your workflow
25 Sep 2009New Gmail lab feature: Hide read labels
22 Sep 2009Push Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile
15 Sep 2009Things app: Quick Entry Autofill for Mailplane
14 Sep 2009Helvetimail - a minimalist Gmail skin
14 Sep 2009AppleReviews: Mailplane video review
10 Sep 2009New Gmail lab feature: Play Google Voice messages
10 Sep 2009Gmail: More ninja tips in more languages available
10 Sep 2009Four new Gmail themes
08 Sep 2009Mailplane 2.0.14 released
04 Sep 2009Download Google Gears workaround for Snow Leopard
02 Sep 2009Snow Leopard and Google Gears
31 Aug 2009Mailplane 2.0.13 released
29 Aug 2009Snow Leopard Tip: Turn on “Text Substitutions”
27 Aug 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Remove Labels from Subjects
27 Aug 2009Mailplane is ready for Snow Leopard
27 Aug 2009Gmail: Mail and contact import for everyone
27 Aug 2009Gmail: Email a task list
27 Aug 2009Gmail: Composing a message? Try the contact chooser
21 Aug 2009Mailplane 2.0.12 released
12 Aug 2009MacNewsWorld Review: “Mailplane Gives Gmail a Landing Pad on the Mac Desktop”
04 Aug 2009Mailplane at the Bodega app store
03 Aug 2009Tip: Send mail from another address without “on behalf of”
03 Aug 2009Tip: Recover your password via text message
03 Aug 2009Tasks graduates from Gmail Labs
03 Aug 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: The super-trustworthy, anti-phishing key
03 Aug 2009Gmail now displays images in messages from your contacts
03 Aug 2009Gmail makes unsubscribing newsletters easy
03 Jul 2009Mac 101 reviews Mailplane
02 Jul 2009Turkish Translation
02 Jul 2009Mailplane 2.0.11 released
02 Jul 2009Gmail Labels: drag and drop, hiding, and more
25 Jun 2009Become a Gmail Ninja
11 Jun 2009MyMac Magazine: Mailplane gets 4.5 out of 5
05 Jun 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Automatic message translation
14 May 2009Mailplane 2.0.10 released
14 May 2009Macworld reviews Mailplane and gives it four mice
12 May 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Google Search right in Gmail
12 May 2009Create your Google Profile
24 Apr 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Suggest more recipients
24 Apr 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: PowerPoint and TIFF file viewing
23 Apr 2009“Macstories” reviews Mailplane
10 Apr 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Inserting images
10 Apr 2009Mailplane 2.0.9 released
09 Apr 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Sender Time Zone
08 Apr 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Gmail search autocomplete
08 Apr 2009Mailplane 2.0.8 released
08 Apr 2009Gmail Labs goes global
29 Mar 2009AppYourMac reviews Mailplane
27 Mar 2009Mailplane turned two!
25 Mar 2009New Gmail Lab Features: Youtube, Flickr, Yelp, and Picasa previews
25 Mar 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Cancel Send
25 Mar 2009Italia Mac: Mailplane gets “Editors Choice”
17 Mar 2009Mailplane wonderfulness
17 Mar 2009Japanese Review
16 Mar 2009Mailplane 2.0.7 released
09 Mar 2009Mailplane 2.0.6 relased
04 Mar 2009The Apple Blog: If Gmail and OS X Had a Love Child
04 Mar 2009Mailplane 2.0.5 released
04 Mar 2009Gmail update: Attachments with progress bars
04 Mar 2009French Review: “Découverte du logiciel Mailplane sur Mac”
15 Feb 2009Spanish Translation
15 Feb 2009Mailplane 2.0.3 released
05 Feb 2009Mailplane 2.1-beta available for download
05 Feb 2009Mailplane 2.0.2 released
05 Feb 2009Dutch Translation
05 Feb 2009Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) Translations
29 Jan 2009Offline Gmail is coming to Mailplane
20 Jan 2009New Gmail Lab Feature: Send & Archive
10 Jan 2009Mailplane 2.0.1 released
10 Jan 2009Email Picasa photos with Mailplane
21 Dec 2008Turn an Email into a Google Doc
13 Dec 2008myMacBUZZ: “Mailplane 2.0: Gmail gets even better”
13 Dec 2008Enjoy the new Gmail PDF Viewer in Mailplane
12 Dec 2008Frosty’s Mumblings: Mailplane 2.0 Review
10 Dec 2008Mailplane 2.0 Released!
09 Dec 2008New Gmail Lab Feature: Tasks
07 Dec 2008Would Mailplane for Windows make sense?
04 Dec 2008Descary: “Mailplane turns Gmail into a real Mac application”
28 Nov 2008Mailplane 2.0 Release Candidate 3
22 Nov 2008Mailplane 2.0 Release Candidate 2
20 Nov 2008Official Gmail Blog: Spice up your inbox with colors and themes
14 Nov 2008Use Gmail Video Chat in Mailplane
06 Nov 2008Support for “Remember the Milk”
06 Nov 2008Mailplane 2.0 Release Candidate 1
06 Nov 2008Google Calendar and Docs Gadgets
02 Nov 2008Mailplane 2.0 Beta 11 Released
26 Oct 2008Gmail Tip: How to send “subject only” messages
25 Oct 2008Mailplane 2.0 Beta 10 Released
20 Oct 2008How Do I Unmute a Gmail Conversation?
14 Oct 2008Mailplane 1.61.7 Released
10 Oct 2008Cali Lewis loves Mailplane
25 Sep 2008New Screencast: How to change keyboard shortcuts
24 Sep 2008Quick Tip: How to open external links in Safari tabs
22 Sep 2008Russian Translation
22 Sep 2008Mailplane 2.0 Beta 9 Released
18 Sep 2008Mailplane 1.61.5 Released
17 Sep 2008New Website
16 Sep 2008Mailplane on The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab Podcast
01 Sep 2008Mailplane Review on MacTV Germany
27 Aug 2008Mailplane/Gmail as an MobileMe alternative
31 Jul 2008“Gmail Redesigned” stylesheet for Mailplane
04 Jul 2008Summer Vacation
02 Jul 2008Mailplane Bright Hub Review
02 Jul 2008Mailplane 2.0 beta 5 released
01 Jul 2008How to replace the Gmail logo
23 Jun 2008Mailplane 2.0 beta 4 released
22 May 2008Mailplane in French SVM Mac: Indispensable!
20 May 2008Mailplane 2.0 beta 3 released
20 May 2008Faster Gmail loading
15 May 2008Mailplane 2.0 beta 2 released
13 May 2008Switch to account keyboard shortcut
13 May 2008Safari extensions check
13 May 2008Mailplane 2.0 beta
13 May 2008Improved: Apply/Remove label for Inbox
13 May 2008“Close instead of Hide” preference
06 May 2008OmniFocus “Clipping” Plugin
06 May 2008Mailplane 1.77 released
15 Apr 2008Mailplane 1.76 released
01 Apr 2008Mailplane reviewed on
01 Apr 2008Australian Macworld about cloud computing
31 Mar 2008Post form (Google spreadsheet or LiveJournal comments)
31 Mar 2008Mailplane 1.61.3 released
31 Mar 2008Cutting Edge: Navigate labels
25 Mar 2008Mailplane on 37signals and Citizen Garden
13 Mar 2008Cutting Edge: Hide Spam counter and Gmail invitation box
13 Mar 2008Cutting Edge: Auto-BCC for Highrise users
13 Mar 2008Cutting Edge: Apply/Remove Label
11 Mar 2008Mailplane 1.61 Released
11 Mar 2008Italian translation
04 Mar 2008Review in “Vous et Votre Mac”
22 Feb 2008Cutting Edge: Network Diagnostics
22 Feb 2008Cutting Edge: Improved Authentication
16 Feb 2008Cutting Edge: Apology for a bad release
24 Jan 2008Cutting Edge: Use the clipboard to attach files and pictures
24 Jan 2008Cutting edge: Picture attachment dialog
15 Jan 2008Upcoming features
03 Jan 2008Improved Screenshots
19 Dec 2007Beta ends 2007
04 Dec 2007“Cutting Edge” Release supports Gmail 2.0
05 Nov 2007Norwegian Translation
05 Nov 2007Gmail 2.0 and Mailplane
27 Oct 2007Google announces IMAP for Gmail
25 Oct 2007Leopard compatible iPhoto plugin
25 Oct 2007Brazilian Portuguese and Korean Translations
06 Oct 2007Alternative introductory price and education discount
29 Sep 2007Price Announcement
29 Sep 2007Mailplane is ready for Leopard
29 Sep 2007Hide Mailplane at startup
29 Sep 2007Drag and drop and photo optimization
29 Sep 2007Catalan and Finnish translations
04 Sep 2007Use your Mac address book
04 Sep 2007Rich Text format menu
04 Sep 2007iMedia Browser
04 Sep 2007Dutch, Icelandic, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish
18 Aug 2007iLife 08 and the iPhoto Plugin
22 Jul 2007Vacation
22 Jul 2007Romanian Mailplane
22 Jul 2007Getting started screencast
05 Jul 2007Polish Mailplane
05 Jul 2007Google Talk for Google Apps
05 Jul 2007French Mailplane
19 Jun 2007Mailplane, WebKit, and Safari 3 beta
06 Jun 2007German translation
28 May 2007Uninstall Mailplane cleanly
28 May 2007Text snippets make you more productive
28 May 2007Support for multiple Gmail accounts
28 May 2007New status item keeps you informed
30 Apr 2007New application icon!
28 Apr 2007New Google Talk window
13 Apr 2007Open Word attachments as Google Documents
05 Apr 2007Webkit nightly enables rich text editing in Mailplane
05 Apr 2007100 beta invitations each day
03 Apr 2007Print from any application to Mailplane
31 Mar 2007500 new users invited to Mailplane beta
21 Mar 2007Mailplane talks https
18 Mar 2007Mailplane supports “Google apps for your domain”
14 Mar 2007The search for Mailplane test pilots is over
08 Mar 2007Would you like to become a Mailplane test pilot?