Mailplane vs. Chrome

Mailplane Chrome
Run Gmail in its own application
Privacy while browsing the web. No need to sign out of Gmail to prevent tracking.
Retina screen support
Easy way to keep your Gmail accounts together
Stores passwords safely in OSX keychain
Open multiple accounts simultaneously in tabs
Switch easily between an unlimited amount of accounts. Learn more
2-step verification support. Learn more
Set as default Mail Application
Create an address book ( entry from an email
Fill recipients directly from your address book (
Compose message with "mailto:" link
Compose messages with attachments via AppleScript. Learn more
Turn 'Do Not Disturb' mode On/Off via AppleScript. Learn more
Auto BCC for CRM integration.
Create an OmniFocus to-do item with an account sensitive back-link to the original message. Learn more
Create a Things to-do item with an account sensitive back-link to the original message. Learn more
Create an Todoist to-do items. Learn more
Create a multi account sensitive link (mailplane://...) to a message, searches, labels, etc.
Drag URL from Title Bar icon (eye icon)
"Send Selection" Services menu item. Learn more
"Send Message To" Services menu item. Learn more
"Search Messages" Services menu item. Learn more
Save Message to Evernote. Learn more
Command-P to print directly the message
Hide Gmail Logo in print-outs
Productivity keyboard shortcuts for Gmail
Toolbar for Gmail operations
Hide Tab Bar
Compose a new message via a HotKey while you're working in another application
Full screen mode support
Open links in Mailplane or externally in your browser. Learn more
Block Google Chat/Hangout, Google Plus and Google Drive
Apply own CSS style to Gmail
Hide Ads
Zoom In / Zoom Out
Opens an attachment automatically
Drop zone spans across the whole window
Drop attachment via the Dock Icon
Drop composes a new message and attaches the attachment
Insert images inline
Resize images while attaching
Convert images type while attaching (e.g. TIFF to PNG)
Paste files, folders and images to create attachments
Automatically compress folders and file bundles while attaching
Email an attachment via Alfred. Learn more
Send an invoice via GrandTotal
Take and attach Screenshots (region, window, screen)
"Send File" Services menu item
Print from any application to create PDF attachments. Learn more
Attach files from Terminal. Learn more
Import attachment into Evernote. Learn more
Import attachment into iPhoto
Caches attachments. Don't need to download an attachment twice.
Preview via QuickLook
Edit Attachments and compose a reply. Learn more
Specify a download location
Finder functions in download history (e.g. Open With, Delete, Info, etc.)
Download progress bar
Notification popup when a new email arrives
Notification sounds when a new email arrives
Custom notification sounds. Learn more
Unread message counter across multiple accounts in Dock Icon
Unread message counter across multiple accounts in Menu Bar
List of unread messages across multiple accounts in Menu Bar
Notifications customizable for Priority Inbox, Primary Tab and a specific Label
Alerts via Notification Center (or Growl on 10.7)
Click alert to open an unread message
'Do Not Disturb' mode to turn off notifications
Google Calendar keyboard shortcuts for Google Calendar
Keep Calendar and Gmail open next to each other
Opening an event invitations switches automatically to the Calendar tab
Shows Calendar pop-ups as desktop notifications. Learn more
Enable plug-in on an account basis
Supports Rapportive plug-in
Supports Boomerang plug-in
Supports Streak plug-in
Supports AwayFind plug-in
Supports Right Inbox plug-in

Published on 22 Jan 2014 by Lars.