OmniFocus Clippings Plugin

OmniFocus is a great “Getting Things Done” tool. With Mailplane’s “Clippings” Plugin you can create tasks based on Gmail conversations or searches. The plugin creates tasks that contains a link to the conversation or search.


  1. Launch Mailplane 3
  2. Go to Mailplane 3 > About Mailplane and verify if you have 3.1.3 or higher. If not, update via Mailplane 3 > Check for Updates...
  3. Restart OmniFocus
  4. Go to OmniFocus > Preferences... and go to the Clippings tab. Mailplane 3 should be selected.

Plugin in action


  1. Select some text in the mail message to copied to the OmniFocus task.
  2. Press the OmniFocus clipping keyboard shortcut. You can lookup the key inside OmniFocus’ Preferences (Clippings tab).
  3. Enter any additional text and press Save.


  • Select some text before pressing the OmniFocus Clippings keyboard shortcut.
  • Make sure the “Any Applications” clipping plugin is below Mailplane3. If it’s above, use your mouse to drag it down.
  • Make sure your clippings keyboard shortcut contains the COMMAND key.

Published on 14 Apr 2013 by Lars.