Add a signature for another “from” email address

Mailplane 2 only: Add separate signatures for your different from email addresses.

Important: Signatures only work within Mailplane 2

If you handle different from email addresses inside a single Gmail account, then you can setup signatures for each of them. Mailplane will automatically select the "right" signature based on the "from" address when you compose a message or reply in a conversation.


  1. Select the "from" address
  2. Mailplane will automatically replace the signature when it finds a matching one.

How to add the signature


  1. Press the plus button to define a new signature
  2. Enter the desired from email address. Make sure the default flag is selected.
  3. Enter the HTML code for the signature

It doesn't work?

  • Double check your email address in the signature, it should exactly match the email in the from address.
  • Make sure the signature has the "default" flag enabled.
  • Check the "Enable Signatures" preference, it must be enabled

Published on 10 Nov 2009 by Ruben.