Insert a different signature

Define and use multiple signatures for the same email address within Mailplane 2.


If you like to insert a different signature for a message, you can use the ⌘⌥S keyboard shortcut or use the Mail > Insert > Signature menu item.

  1. Select the desired signature from the list and press the ENTER key.
  2. Mailplane will automatically change the signature
  3. Mailplane will also change the "from" address if the signature was defined for another email address.

How to define multiple signature for the same email address


  1. Add as many signature as you need. Only one signature for same email address may have the Default setting enabled. The default signature will automatically be inserted when the from emailmatches.
  2. Enter the name so you can recognize the signature in the "Choose Signature" popup window.
  3. Enter HTML code

Published on 10 Nov 2009 by Ruben.