Adobe Flash and Gmail

How to enable/disable Adobe Flash and other Internet Plug-Ins.

Gmail relies on Adobe Flash for a couple of features:

  • The advanced attachment uploader
  • Google voice

Unfortunately Adobe Flash, Gmail and the current system WebKit on Mac OS X 10.6.* do not work well. The cursor stops blinking and the plugin can crash Mailplane (or Safari).

Mailplane downloaded from our website:

Mailplane includes a custom WebKit to solve the problem. So you can use Flash together with any other Gmail feature. However, if you turn on the Preferences > Advanced > Use System WebKit and you run into problems, please also check the Preferences > Advanced > Disable Flash Plugin setting.

Mailplane bought in the Mac App Store:

This is why Mailplane is bundled with a custom WebKit, which solves the problem. The Mailplane Mac App Store version disables all internet plugins to solve the problem.

Here's how you can enable internet plugins to use Google voice and video chat:

  1. Open Preferences > Advanced
  2. Enable 'Load internet Plugins'
  3. Go to Gmail > Settings > General and set "Aattachments" to "Basic attachment features"
  4. Restart Mailplane

Published on 21 Feb 2011 by Ruben.