Switch to account...

The ‘Switch to account’ functionality of Mailplane 3 allows you to switch between an unlimited number of accounts. It unifies tabs with the switch functionality of Mailplane 2. Simply go to Mailplane 3 > Switch to account… or press Control-Command-A.

To be correct we’re switching between workspaces instead of just accounts. A workspace contains a number of tabs and a cookie storage. Switching means changing to another workspace with a separate cookie storage and thus you won’t be logged-in to the same accounts anymore.

We recommend to have one workspace with two or three tabs (those you’re using on a daily basis) and one tab per workspace for those accounts you need to check from time to time. It’s completely up to you but having too many tabs per workspace makes switching slower and more resource intense.

We have three cases in the example below:

'Switch to Account...' dialog

1) Dettel Inc., Hunch & Son and Fries Bros. are single tabs in a separate workspace. Switching between them is fast and feels like switching back in Mailplane 2.

2) Ruben (Email), Ruben (Calendar) and Lars are three tabs in the same workspace. Switching to one of them might take a bit longer because it loads the two other tabs as well. But afterwards it’s very quick to switch between those tabs. That’s what we’ve been used in Mailplane 3 so far.

3) Girs Inc. is colored in gray and represents an account which hasn’t been loaded so far. Switching to such an account opens Gmail in a separate workspace and performs a sign-in.

Published on 10 Nov 2013 by Lars.