Use Mailplane with Application Launchers

How to use Mailplane with Alfred, LaunchBar, or QuickSilver.

The easiest way to integrate Mailplane with a Launcher, is to use its Service menu items:

  1. Mailplane: Sent To -> Compose an email and set the TO address
  2. Mailplane: Send Selection -> Compose an email and set message body
  3. Mailplane: Send File -> Compose an email and attach a file
  4. Mailplane: Search Inbox -> Perform an inbox search


Launchbar uses service menu items as actions. Here's how you can create an email w/ attachments from Launchbar 5: 1. Choose a file using Launchbar 2. Press TAB to see all actions 3. Type MAILPLANE to select the service menu items 4. Press ENTER to compose the message


The Alfred developers have added built-in Mailplane support. It's part of their "PowerPack" offering. More...


We've not used Quicksilver for some time, but QuickSilver seems to have a "Service Menu Module", too:

The Services Menu Module plug-in makes all your Services available in Quicksilver as actions. Services are in the application’s menu and many are only enabled when you have selected text. Depending on the applications you use, some services can be really useful as actions. E.g., if you use Sticky Notes then you’ll love the Make New Sticky Note action.

If you want to provide an AppleScript, here's the how-to article on how to compose messages

Published on 30 Sep 2010 by Ruben.