The best way to use Gmail on your Mac

I admire the hard work its creators put into the new version. It's definitely the most polished and useful Gmail client I've yet tested.
Nathan Alderman, MacWorld
Mailplane 3 is a must-have upgrade if you live in Gmail.
Victor Agreda Jr., TUAW
Best for Gmail power users. Mailplane will win over Gmail diehards with its multi-account support alone.
Shane Cole, Apple Insider
Mailplane provides so many features that I never end up using Gmail in a normal Web browser for more than testing.
Adam C. Engst, TidBITS
Mailplane relies on Gmail but incorporates many features you'd find in Sparrow or Apple's own Mail app.
Ellis Hamburger, The Verge
Give it a try if you're a Mac loyalist and swear by Gmail.
Darren Murph, Engadget
Interested? I am – it’s perfect for my minimal MacBook Air setup as it uses almost no space on my SSD.
Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac
If you use Gmail and want to keep your email in the cloud instead of on your Mac, this is the best tool for it.
Brett Terpstra,
Love Gmail, use Mailplane. Apple's Mail is an email workhorse, and handles multiple accounts well, but is not Gmail centric. MailPlane is.
Wil Gomez, Mac360
If you want to navigate your personal or professional Gmail inbox (or both) at the speed of flight, give Mailplane a try.
Josh Rotter, c|net
MacTech uses Mailplane internally and wholeheartedly recommends it for your Gmail and Google Calendar experience.
It makes it simple to keep up with your Google Calendar in the same semi-native interface that gives you the best of the Mac and the web.
Matthew Guay, AppStorm
If you use a Mac and use Gmail — it really does provide a great desktop experience. Certainly worth trying out for a week!
Chris Messina (via Google+)
I like Mailplane so much that I abandoned as my default email client on my desktop computer a couple of years ago.
Kerry Graham, Tucson, AZ
I keep trying different #Mac mail apps, but nothing is as efficient as @Mailplane, #fast #elegant #efficient
Faraz Rabbani, Toronto, ON
I have used other programs to manage my gmail accounts and Mailplane is by far superior to any program out there. The attention to detail is amazing.
Chad Malone, Rochester, NY
I was skeptical of how much of a difference Mailplane would make over just using Gmail and Mail. Well, it makes all the difference in the world.
Jess J., New York, NY
I have been using Mailplane 3 since April and have not looked back since. This is the app you need to do e-mail better and faster than ever.
asl, Texas, USA


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