10 Oct 2008 by Ruben

Cali Lewis loves Mailplane

Mailplane on geekbrief.tv

Cali Lewis is one of the early Mailplane users; she discovered Mailplane in the 1.0 beta days. Back then she even presented Mailplane in one of her famous video podcasts. She is still using Mailplane and just blogged about it:

I tweeted today about an application I use and love, Mailplane. It’s an application that allows you manage multiple Gmail accounts very effectively. You can see when new emails come into a different account without logging in and out, and you switch between accounts with a double click of your mouse. It uses the Gmail interface, so all your labels and filters stay in tact.

And on Twitter:

Yeah! I'm finally convincing Neal to use Mailplane! It's a lifesaver for me.

Check out the full blog post.
Or watch the original geekbrief video podcast.

Cali Lewis is the producer and host of geekbrief.tv the site for Shiny and Happy Tech News. It’s a 3-5 minute video podcast, released 4 days a week. If love news about technology, consumer electronics, and Web 2.0 projects: checkout geekbrief.tv.

Keep up the good work, Cali!