05 Oct 2017

Macoun 2017

You’ll find us this weekend at Macoun in Frankfurt, Germany. It is the largest iOS & macOS developer conference in Europe.

29 Sep 2017

ScreenCastsOnline Tutorial

ScreenCastsOnline published a video tutorial. It takes a look at alternative email clients for Mac if Apple Mail isn’t going to cut it for you anymore. One of them is Mailplane.

10 Aug 2017

Manage large events in Google Calendar

Organizers working on large Google Calendar events (200 or more guests) can use Google Sheets to see who is attending and large group mailing lists are now updating if memberships are changing.

24 Jun 2017

Google will stop reading your emails for ads

Google will stop reading your email contents for ads inside Gmail. While this is definitively good news, ads will continue to appear inside the free version of Gmail based on information Google already pulls from sources as search and YouTube.

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