The best way to use Gmail on your Mac

Gmail, Google Inbox, Calendar & Contacts

Use an unlimited number of accounts separately from the typical cluttered browser window.

All in one app with Apple-like keyboard shortcuts. No separate set-up required.

Gmail, Google Inbox, Calendar & Contacts


Mailplane's notifier tells you how many unread messages are in your inboxes, right from your Mac menu bar.

And it notifies you if new emails arrive or keeps quiet in 'Do Not Disturb' mode.


Huge Drop Area

A huge drop area which you can't miss.

It triggers actions like composing a new message, resizing images, zipping directories, etc.

Huge Drop Area

Preview & Annotate

Preview and annotate attachments directly from within Mailplane.

If you like, it uses your favorite Mac apps instead of Google's third-party apps.

Preview & Annotate


Compose new messages directly via our Share Extension (e.g. Pages, Safari, Fantastical, etc.).

Export message as to-do item to OmniFocus, Things and Todoist.

Archive messages to Evernote.

Export image attachments to Apple Photos.

Write AppleScript to automate daily workflows.

... and much more.

Multiple languages

Fluent in 5 Languages

Fully localized in English, Japanese, German, French and Spanish.

Gmail Plugins

Third-party plugins magically enhance Gmail.

Give them a try with a single click. Nothing to download or install.

The Long Run

Thanks to our loyal customer base, Mailplane has been around for ages and we love to continuously improve it!

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