01 Jul 2020 by Lars

Email from Google

Yesterday, Google sent an email to some of our customers stating that Mailplane will no longer have access to their Gmail data beginning July 8.

Google responded today, apologized for any confusion and confirmed that Mailplane 4 is still approved.

Their email was referring to an old third-party access entry that goes back to Mailplane 3 and is no longer approved. Google did also tell us that they will be sending a follow up email to make this clear.

This isn’t a problem because Mailplane 3 no longer requires that third-party access. We removed that requirement in Mailplane 3.8.6 in order to get Mailplane 3 through their application review as well.

Our conclusion is that you don’t have to do anything. Mailplane 4 is still approved and the latest version of Mailplane 3 no longer requires the expired third-party access.

We hope it clears things up a bit. We will update this blog post if we get any new insights.