12 Nov 2009 by Ruben

Enhanced License: Use Mailplane on all your Macs


Until recently, a Mailplane single user license was limited to two Macs. Because many users needed Mailplane on more Macs, I've decided to lift this limitation:

  • Single-user license: Install on all Macs you personally use. Use it at home, school, work: just anywhere. Limitation: Make sure you're the only user. Please do not share your license with anyone else.
  • Family license: Allow up to five (5) family members living in the same household to use Mailplane on their Macs. As with the single user license, there is no machine limitation for any of the five users.
  • Site license: For a number of users working at the same organization. Again, each user may use it anywhere.

This improved license applies to all registered users! You don't need to re-install or re-download anything.

Tip: If you need to upgrade your license (say from "single user" to "family"), check out the new upgrade page.