Export Gmail and Calendar

15 Dec 2013

Export Gmail and Calendar

Gmail is adding another feature, which will be rolling out over the next couple months. This one should give users a bit of peace of mind.

With Google Takeout, you will be able to export your Calendar (which is not a new feature) and your entire mailbox (or selectively via labels) for access later.

I’ve had quite a few people write in asking if there was a simple way to do this, and unfortunately at the time, there was not. So this is a fantastic solution! If you ever needed to close a Gmail account, you wouldn’t have to lose access to your messages.

Gmail says, “You can download all of your mail and calendars or choose a subset of labels and calendars. You can also download a single archive file for multiple products with a copy of your Gmail, Calendar, Google+, YouTube, Drive, and other Google data.”

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