27 Jun 2013 by Jessica

Gmail Begins Year 10!

Gmail is heading into it’s 10th year! How fast time flies! The Gmail blog posted an interesting article about the evolution of Gmail over the last 9 years!

Here is their posted ‘Evolution of Gmail’ flow chart for the last 9 years!

On that note, it has been 6 years since Ruben came out with Mailplane, looking for beta testers! We have gone through countless updates, added features and our latest baby, Mailplane 3!

Our Mailplane ‘Family’ has expanded as well, starting all the way out in Switzerland with Ruben, traveling the globe with Lars, and ending over here in chilly Canada with me, Jessica!

We truly hope (and believe!) that Gmail will survive the test of time so that we can continue to improve and grow Mailplane! We wouldn’t be able to do it without the support and feedback from the world’s best customers!

Congrats to Google and here’s to another 10 years of success! :)