15 Mar 2010 by Ruben

Gmail Blog: Better controls for buzz in your inbox

For many users, the Buzz inbox notifications got too noisy. According to this article on the official Gmail blog, Google has worked on two improvements:

1) Settings to control what gets sent to your inbox

From the Buzz tab of Gmail Settings, you’ll be able to choose whether the following buzz items get sent to your inbox:
  • Comments on your posts
  • Comments on posts after you comment on them
  • Comments on posts after you are @replied on them

2) Explanations for why posts get sent to your inbox and an easy-to-find “Mute” link

You'll see a new message at the top of each post in your inbox that explains why it’s there: someone commented on your post, you were @replied, etc. We’ve also added an easy-to-find “mute” link that will stop subsequent comments from bringing the conversation back to your inbox. 6FB5A4A1-774B-4DD9-A707-F200B0CD3A62.jpg