12 Feb 2014 by Jessica

Google Contacts Made Easier

Google has added some new features that will make finding and handling your contacts much easier; the ability to star your contacts and a simple way to email your Google+ circles.

Starring Google Contacts

If you go into your Gmail Contacts, you’ll see the option to star your contacts just as you do with your inbox. The contacts selected here will be added to the Starred Group.

Starring Google Contacts

Google says that starring a contact will sync across to your Android Favorite Contacts as well. See the full Article.

Sending Emails to Your Google+ Contacts

Google has made it even easier to send emails to your Google+ Circles, even if you don’t have their email address.

When filling in a name in the ‘To’ field, Google will now show suggestions from your Google+ Circles. The neat thing is that Google will not show you their actual email address (see photo below). You will only be able to see their email address if they respond.

Google Plus

Photo taken from googlesystem.blogspot.ch

Since anyone can add anyone to a Circle, the security measures they have taken are pretty neat and should help prevent unwanted contact. When you send an email, if you are in that person’s Circle, the email will go to their Personal inbox tab. If you are not in their circle, the message will be sent to their Social tab and you aren’t able to send another message to that person until s/he responds or until they add you to their circle.

Anyone who Circles you can send you an email in Gmail. If you have a lot of followers, the default setting will limit the messages to your Circles. You can always edit your settings within Gmail’s Settings, under ‘Email via Google+’. View the entire article.