13 Feb 2013 by Jessica McCutcheon

Hello from Mailplane Support!

I thought I'd finally 'drop in' and officially say "Hello" to all our fantastic Mailplane customers! I've spoken to many of you via our customer support and it's been a lot of fun learning new things and occasionally, teaching you new things! ;-)

My name is Jessica and I've been Mailplane's customer support gal for a year now. I'm actually out in Chilly Northern Canada, while the masterminds behind Mailplane originate up in Switzerland! We're quite world wide!!

Things have been pretty exciting learning Mailplane 2, dealing with all of the challenges that Apple's most recent OS X Mountain Lion brought along and now preparing for the big release of Mailplane 3! I have really enjoyed getting to know some of you as well as I feel I have, and I truly appreciate the kindness of our customers. I think we've lucked out!

If anyone ever has any issues, no matter how small, I'd much rather you send me a quick email than sit frustrated with Mailplane! So please don't hesitate in .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at all. Bugs, feature requests....Just some LOVE....We love reading it all! :-P

Thanks again and I know I'll be 'speaking' with you soon! (Though hopefully more for the love and less for the bugs!)


Customer Support Ninja