19 Oct 2009 by Ruben

Macgasm Mailplane video review


Corey Harris published a detailed and very useful video review on Macgasm:

I don’t know about you, But I have several Gmail accounts. It can be a pain in the rear to sign in and out of my accounts just to check my mail. Mailplane makes it easy though. Mailplane is a desktop application that allows you to setup all your gmail accounts and have full access at any time, without having to log in and out of all your accounts.

Here are a few comments to keep in mind when you watch the video:

  • Mailplane is fully Snow Leopard compatible – the missing label creating feature isn’t related to Snow Leopard
  • Label creation from the Command-L dialog: This is a Mailplane 2.1 feature, which is still in beta. Mailplane 2.0.x doesn't have the feature.
  • Family license: It’s for up to 5 users living in the same household.
  • Using the “Multiple Inbox” lab feature w/ Mailplane may cause some problems with keyboard shortcuts.