07 Aug 2010 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.1.10 released

  • FIX: Text cursor stopped blinking after installing Safari 5.0.1
  • FIX: Different crashes and freezes after installing Safari 5.0.1
  • FIX: Spellchecker didn't work after installing Safari 5.0.1
  • FIX: File > Page Setup didn't work when main window had the focus (only worked from the "print" window)
  • IMPROVED: The Rapportive plugin is loaded using https:// instead of http://
  • FIX: Better clear caches on account switch to prevent "Loading takes longer" issue.
  • NEW: Latest MacBook Pro NVIDIA card switching workaround. Disable Adobe Flash plugin using a preference. To change the preference, open Terminal and enter
    defaults write com.mailplaneapp.Mailplane DisableFlashPlugin -bool YES
  • UPDATED: French translation (Preference window)
  • FIX: SAMLAccounts preference didn't work when Google Gears was disabled.

Know issue

Drag and drop of the following file types has no effect: mailloc, mailtoloc, and webloc