03 Apr 2011 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.3.1 released

Release notes:

  • NEW: Support for the Boomerang Gmail plugin: Boomerang for Gmail lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages. To install: Go to Preferences > Accounts > Plug-Ins and enable the plugin.
  • NEW: Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • DISABLED: TrueNew Plugin
  • FIX: Attach files doesn't work on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • FIX: Rapportive plugin was not able to login
  • FIX: Possible fix for the external links didn't open in Firefox.
  • FIX: Auto-BCC caused focus to jump to BCC field.
  • FIX: Window sizes were not remembered.
  • UPDATED: French, Swedish, Romanian, Japanese, German, and Spanish translations
  • AUTO-UPDATED (new preferences are English): Catalan, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)

Note to App Store users: The update has been submitted yesterday, it'll soon be reviewed by Apple.