06 Feb 2011 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.3 released

NEW: 'Hide Ads' Preference

Hideads 1

You can now hide the sponsored links in Mailplane. Just turn on the 'Hide ads' setting in Preferences > Tweak UI.

NEW: 0Boxer Plugin

0boxer screenshot

0Boxer is a plugin for Gmail. It turns "inbox zero" into a game. You get points when you answer, archive, or delete email.

NEW: Improved External URLs

  1. All links inside a window opened with Command-Click open inside Mailplane instead of your default web browser.
  2. For security reasons: When a window contains 'non-Gmail' content, the URL is displayed in the status bar.

NEW: New message window title now contains the account name


When you compose a message in a separate window, you now see the current account in the title bar of the window.

Tip: To change the name of the account, go to Preferences > Account and give it a 'Nickname'.

UPDATED: Plugins

  • The TrueNew plugin got some fixes and improvements. Thanks to the Mailroom Team for creating this update.
  • Improved Rapportive integration, now supports Facebook and Linkedin

UPDATED: Translations

  • French by Michel Tribet
  • Romanian by Ovi Pascui
  • Spanish by Juan Antonio Vermejo

Bug fixes

  • IMPROVED: Unread message counters refresh when unread conversation is opened in a separate window.
  • FIX: Click the reply box caused focus problems. Now the reply box is hidden, please click 'Reply' or 'Forward' links or use the Command-R (Mail > Reply menu item) to create a new reply.
  • FIX: Cookies were stored for accounts not saving the password.
  • FIX: Some attachments could not be downloaded.
  • FIX: Crash after closing a separate document and then switching to another account.
  • FIX: Crash when using AppleScript to attach a non-existing file
  • FIX: Command-L didn't work in searches
  • FIX: Separate window position wasn't correctly remembered
  • FIX: Focus jumped to 'subject' field when opening a new compose window and typing into the 'to' field.
  • FIX: Download window filename was wrapped by word instead of character.
  • FIX: Delay when miniaturizing a window