09 Aug 2011 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.5 released

Mailplane 2.5 has just been released. It includes two new features and Mac OS X Lion related bug fixes. To install it, either use the "Mailplane > Check for update" menu item or download it here.

Lion Full Screen

Many MAC OS X Lion users wanted to use the new "full screen" mode in Mailplane. This version now adds support for it: You can switch using the icon in the title bar or the menu item/keyboard shortcut located in the "Window" menu.

Preview pane

Google added a new lab feature called "Preview Pane". With this version, all keyboard shortcuts, toolbar and menu items support the mode.

Other changes

  • NEW: Show Evernote toolbar icon by default when the Evernote application is installed
  • UPDATED: Romanian translation
  • FIX: "Grayed" main window when using Boomerang or Rapportive
  • FIX: "View" attachment link opened in default browser
  • FIX: Console.log messages on Lion
  • FIX: Apple Script definition file wasn't compatible with Lion
  • FIX: 'Reset Gmail Session' didn't work (Lion only)
  • FIX: Other Lion specific bugs & problems.