15 May 2008 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.0 beta 2 released

New: "Enable Google Talk Window" preference

Nearly all accounts are now Gmail 2, and you get Gtalk right in your inbox sidebar. As the Google Talk window was created for Gmail 1 when the sidebar didn't have Google Talk support, there is now a preference to enable/disable Google Talk support.

If you use Gmail 2, disable the setting.
If you prefer Gmail 1, enable it.


Updated: Safari extensions check

Some users don't experience the crashes, even with Safari Ad block and SafariBlock installed. There is a new button on the alert, to stop all warnings about it.

Improved: Apply/Remove label for Star

Mailplane shows a new "Star"
label in the "Apply/Remove" label panel.

Other Improvements and bugfixes:

  • Bugfix: Some Google Apps accounts using http experienced authentication problems
  • Bugfix: Gmail keyboard shortcut stopped working after Cmd-L
  • Bugfix: When clicking the reply box, characters were interpreted instead of entered.
  • Bugfix: Select-All now works in a "Show Original" window
  • Bugfix: "Show Original" window title