23 Jun 2008 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.0 beta 4 released

This is the fourth beta release, it contains many small improvements and bug fixes.

New and improved:

  • New: Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-R keyboard shortcut to reload the main window (View->Reload page)
  • Improved: Download destination path is remembered when Ask for Download destination is enabled
  • Improved: Gmail Sign out toggles the account drawer if you have more than one account
  • Ignore RSS feed for @google.com domain
  • Rename iMedia to Media; "Insert Email" to Email
  • Main window: New default toolbar with less items
  • Main window/document window: attachment message now wraps text if needed
  • New and cleaner toolbar default setting


  • The Mail PDF with Mailplane PDF service wasn't installed for Mailplane 2.0 beta users.
  • The Gmail keyboard shortcut setting detector didn't work for Gmail 2.
  • Archive did remove label when a label was browsed.
  • The Gmail->More items opened in Mailplane instead of the preferred browser
  • Window moves to another location when closing drawer
  • Gmail 2: Reply/Reply All/Forward were enabled when compose a new message