02 Jul 2009 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.0.11 released

Release notes:

<li>FIX: Unread message counter didn't update because of Gmail's new label system.</li>
<li>UPDATE: Mail->Go to->Navigate (Command-Option-G) now supports the improved Gmail labels.</li>
<li>NEW: Kudos to Mehmet Fatih Yigit. He contributed the Turkish translation!</li>
<li>NEW: Crash reporter dialog at startup (only shows when you experienced a crash before starting again)</li>
<li>NEW: Images shrink to window size when viewed in a separate window.</li>
<li>FIX: "Mail > Go to > Navigate" didn't work with labels on right side.</li>
<li>FIX: Snow Leopard: downloading and installing the license didn't work</li>
<li>FIX: Advanced attachment features didn't work in replies</li>
<li>FIX: Some mailto: URLs inside emails didn't open a compose window</li>