22 Sep 2008 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.0 Beta 9 Released

Mailplane 2.0 beta 9 has just been released. Use "Mailplane->Check for update" from the menu or download the latest version from the download page.

New: Online Help Window

Mailplane now has a brand-new help window. It gives you online access to FAQ, Known Issues, Screencasts, and the new features section. As it is online, the topics are always up-to-date. It works much faster than the previous Help window, and the Mailplane download file got smaller, too.

Use Help->Mailplane Help to open the window.

Bug Fixes

  • Problems using the "separate" window due to a Gmail update (no picture drag and drop, no shortcuts, disabled toolbar icons)
  • French users could not attach pictures by using drag and drop.
  • Separate window didn't remember size and position.
  • Spam and Trash didn't show up in the Navigate to Label panel (Cmd-Opt-G).
  • Mailto: URLs inside Mailplane didn't work correctly, as the subject field wasn't filled. This is a Gmail bug and Mailplane now works around it to fix it.