28 Nov 2008 by Ruben

Mailplane 2.0 Release Candidate 3

New: Navigate Quick Links

Navigate Quick Links
The "Quick Links" Google Lab features, allows you to link to conversations, searches or any other Gmail page. Now the "Navigation" keyboard pop up will show all your "Quick Links" for easy navigation. Press ⌘⌥G or use the "Mail->Goto->Navigate..." menu item to open the navigation dialog. Check out this screencast to learn more about the navigation panel.

Improved: Keychain Access

As Mailplane is now "code signed", future releases won't ask for Keychain permissions anymore. This version, however, will still ask for the Keychain permission changes.

Bug fixes:

  • Some users experienced problems attaching files
  • Some Google Apps users experienced 403 (permission denied) when clicking the "Contacts" link
  • Removed Popup Blocker warnings
  • When started in "Hidden" mode: opening conversations would not work
  • New windows created by the Google Calendar Gadget didn't work correctly (parameter errors)