27 Jun 2018 by Lars

Mailplane 4 is approaching

How time flies! It’s been more than five years since we published Mailplane 3. A lot has been happening since then.

We published 47 Mailplane updates during that period and released https://replies.io – our secret weapon for customer support.

Replies enables our small developer team to personally handle all your questions. This means that when you contact us, you are always talking directly to the developers themselves. In return, we receive your invaluable feedback, unfiltered.

More than a year ago, we took all that feedback and started working on Mailplane 4. It supports highly-requested Chrome extensions, adds plenty of new features, and looks better than ever.

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While we’re at it, here are the answers to some of your questions in advance.

  • If you bought Mailplane 3 in 2018, you’ll get a free upgrade.
  • All existing Mailplane 3 customers are eligible for an upgrade discount.
  • Mailplane 4 will only be available directly from us.