09 Feb 2016 by Jessica

Mailplane Gets Reviewed

Mailplane has had the pleasure of being reviewed on quite a few sites since our last post and here’s the short and sweet of it!

MacStories says: “If you want a separate app for email but still want to use the Gmail web interface, look at Mailplane which offers that, plus the ability to use multiple Gmail accounts. If you need to be logged in to several Google accounts during the day for email, calendar, etc. then I think Mailplane is, by far, your best option. The other nice thing is that you can set Mailplane to be your default mail application, so it will respond to mailto links and email addresses from other applications.”

ChurchMag ran their “Best Email Clients of 2016” blog post and we made the cut!

In a post on Lifehacker, David gives Mailplane kudos as the Apps/software/tool he can’t live without, saying, “I have a ton of Google-based accounts, so Mailplane lets me check them all at once. For all my work at Lifehacker, Pocket tracks all my articles. As I read, I can email articles directly to Pocket and tag them for Lifehacker. If I don’t write about them immediately, I can send them directly to Evernote. Evernote keeps my Pocket tags, so I can easily track my article ideas when I’m stuck.”

In another “Best Email Clients” post, Six Colors says, “Mailplane puts my mail in a separate app, so I don’t have to manage it when I’m in my web browser, and it adds a bunch of Mac-specific features that the web-based version of Gmail can’t or won’t.”

Digital Trends ran an “Outlook alternatives” blog post and gave Mailplane a nice review: “Mailplane was specifically designed to run the popular email service, allowing users to sign in and switch between up to three Gmail accounts using a handful of streamlined tabs located at the top of the window. It’s a minimalist feature, but a welcome one, providing a simple means of transferring copy between personal and work accounts within seconds.”

The AppleInsider also rounded up the best Mac email clients and wrote fondly of Mailplane, mentioning one of his favourite features, “For example, I really liked the menu bar icon — a black M in the Mac menu bar that turns red when you have new mail. You can click on this M to get new mail, compose mail, or set do not disturb. When you select do not disturb, the M turns upside to look like a W.”

Other notable mentions: The Sweet Setup and OSW48.