08 Mar 2017 by Lars

Mailplane's 10th Birthday

Ten years ago, Ruben published his very first blog post hoping to get a handful of test pilots for Mailplane. He started it a few months earlier on the beautiful Island of Corsica as an iPhoto plugin for himself to attach pictures to a Gmail message. From there, Mailplane grew to a site-specific browser for Gmail.

To his surprise the first 100 seats were filled within an hour and the website went under heavy load, filling up his waiting list. MacNN was the first blog back then which spread the news and other blogs were hot on their heels. At the end of 2007, Ruben was able to end the beta phase and officially release Mailplane.

In 2010, Lars joined Ruben to build Mailplane 3. It was a complete rewrite but still based on the same core values. Gmail should be a pleasure to use on the Mac. In 2013, we released Mailplane 3 and to our astonishment it is still around.

We want to say thank you! Ten years and 167 updates sound like incredible numbers to us. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support from our loyal customer base.

Looking ahead, 2017 will become an exciting year. We’re working hard to come up with some surprises for you. Stay tuned and join our newsletter if you haven’t done it already.

Lars & Ruben