14 Nov 2013 by Jessica

OS X Mavericks

How time flies! OS X Mavericks has already been in the wild for three weeks.

We are really excited about this release. It received some nice additional features but most importantly it is much more efficient when it comes to memory and CPU usage.

One pretty cool addition is their new ‘App Nap’ feature. If you have an app that isn’t doing something for you in that moment and hidden by another app (or all windows closed), App Nap will slow that app down. This conserves battery life and reduces CPU up to 23 percent. As soon as you click on that app again, it returns to full speed without skipping a beat. It’s a pretty genius idea!

And yes, Mailplane is ready for Mavericks. Get the latest version via Check for Updates... or download it from our download page.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!