29 Sep 2007 by Ruben

Price Announcement

The beta started in March. This was such an intense and exciting half year. Thank you for all ideas, bug reports, and support!

I feel that the time has come to prepare Mailplane for public availability and to announce the price for it:

  • A Mailplane single user license is $24.95 and includes free 1.x updates.
  • There is a family option available ($8), which allows you to use Mailplane in your private household on up to five Macs.
  • The evaluation period will last 30 days.

For a short time, Mailplane will remain in beta stage. There is still no time limit: the evaluation period will begin when the beta ends.

Special offer for beta users: Buy a single user license today and get the family option for free. (Offer expires when Mailplane goes public).

To go to the store, open "Mailplane->Registration..." and press the "buy now..." button.

If you're not a beta user and like to try Mailplane you are welcome to register for the beta here.