23 Mar 2011 by Ruben

Switching to Gmail got easier

Visit the Gmail switch page to move from your old Email account to Gmail:

Switch to gmail

Switching email accounts can be painful. The idea of losing years of accumulated contacts and messages can sound daunting, to say the least. Luckily, switching to Gmail doesn’t mean you have to start totally fresh.

Back in 2009 we announced tools that let you import mail and contacts from other providers, such as AOL or Hotmail. Today we’re announcing the addition of fourteen more international domains to our list of supported email providers:

  • aol.com.br
  • hotmail.es
  • hotmail.it
  • hotmail.co.jp
  • Kimo.com
  • live.jp
  • yahoo.es
  • yahoo.cn
  • yahoo.com.cn
  • yahoo.com.hk
  • yahoo.com.sg
  • yahoo.com.tw
  • yahoo.co.jp
  • yahoo.it

We’ve also created a site, gmail.com/switch, with basic information and how and why you might want to switch to Gmail. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re already a Gmail user, but perhaps this link will be handy for friends and family.

Link to Gmail announcement