15 Sep 2009 by Ruben

Things app: Quick Entry Autofill for Mailplane

Yesterday, Cultured Code released Things 1.2.2. Guess what's in the release notes:

Quick Entry Autofill now works in Microsoft Word 2008 and Mailplane.

Great! Now it's super easy to create a new to-dos based on email conversations. Most importantly, Things creates a to-do that links back to the Gmail conversation.

Here's how it works:

1. In Mailplane: open a Gmail conversation.

2. Select some text inside the conversation, it'll be added as Things to-do note:


3. Select Mailplane > Services > New To-Do containing selection as note or simply press ⌃⌥⇧⌘0. As a result you'll get the Things Quick Entry dialog:


4. Make your changes and press Save to add the to-do. After the dialog closes, the to-do can be found in your Things inbox. Just click the email link and your conversation will magically open inside Mailplane.


Tip: If you are an OmniFocus user, check out the Mailplane/OmniFocus plugin for a similar integration.