09 Oct 2009 by Ruben

TUAW: Mac power tools - charge up your workflow


Victor Agreda, Jr just published a very interesting blog post about his favorite Mac power tools. Mailplane is among them!

Next I needed a better way to juggle 3 Gmail accounts. But I also needed a way to track the metric ton of inbox items that flow through those email conduits. The solution was the combination of MailPlane and Things. I had really dedicated my heart to Toodledo, but there's one trick I couldn't replicate on any setup (The Hit List included): when I get an email in MailPlane, I can select some text and press Shift-Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-0 and the Things HUD pops up and autofills the notes section with a link to the email itself. It is awesome.

Visit the TUAW site for the full blog post.