26 Jun 2015 by Jessica

Undo Send graduates out of Gmail Labs

After spending an eternity as a Google Lab feature, Google finally added the ‘undo send’ option to the regular settings menu.

'Undo Send' settings

Click Settings, and scroll down to the ‘Send and Archive’ option. You can select from a few different time settings. What this means is that you have the selected amount of seconds to click ‘undo’ without the email making it to the recipient. It’s a very handy feature. Sometimes you catch a last minute spelling error or realize you forgot to add something, etc.

When using this feature in Mailplane, please note that while composing in a separate window, that window will not close until the allotted ‘undo’ time is past. So if you choose the 30 seconds option, that Mailplane window will close just after 30 seconds.

You can check out the Google article here.