18 Nov 2014 by Jessica

OS X Yosemite

If you haven’t yet heard, Apple released another new OS X recently called Yosemite. It has a nice, sleek, sort of old style feel to it. You can read a bit about the new features here.

Mailplane 3 runs well on Yosemite with the latest update. We did try to adopt Yosemite’s new dark mode into Mailplane’s notifier icon but found many people missed the red notifier so we quickly brought it back. (We listen!)

Mailplane 2 didn’t function on Yosemite off the bat but we did release an update recently so that it would be able to open if you are running Yosemite. If you are getting an error that Mailplane 2 will not open on your machine, please do check for updates (Mailplane > Check for Updates...) or grab the new version via our download page directly.

Although Mailplane 2 does now open and run on Yosemite, this will be the last forecasted update to Mailplane 2. With the reduced support to older OS X versions on Apple’s and Google’s end it’s time to let it run it’s course. Thank you for your understanding.