13 Apr 2013

Can I buy Mailplane in the Mac AppStore?

Unfortunately, no. We’ll never say never, but we don’t have plans to sell Mailplane in the Mac App Store.

We love the App Store, but it’s not a perfect fit for every application. Mailplane is a niche application which integrates smoothly with Google services, especially Gmail. To keep our options open, we need as much flexibility as possible, either in terms of technical approaches or in terms of timely updates. And we are a very small team and, thus, we need to keep the complexity as low as possible. Selling through two different channels can be quite time consuming.

The App Store maintains a high level of privacy. We appreciate that as customers as well. But selling through our own webstore gives us many more possibilities to make our customers happy. We can provide hassle free trial periods, grant as many refunds as we like and sell upgrades. No middleman. No questions asked. Just you and us.

Thank you for your understanding as we try everything to make it as hassle-free as possible for you.