Google Inbox

11 Jan 2016

Google Inbox

You can open Google Inbox within its own tab. Just make sure you’re using Mailplane 3.6.0. If not, you can get it via ‘Mailplane 3 > Check for Updates…’.

Add Google Inbox Tab

Hint for early birds: The ‘Redirect Gmail to’ workaround, promoted in the previous version of Mailplane, won’t work anymore. Gmail will always open inside the Gmail tab. Open a new tab if you’d like to use Google Inbox.

Known Issues:

Unfortunately, trying to open an attachment will still cause a freeze. According to our investigations, it seems to be caused by an Google Inbox error in the background. We reported it to Google and hope to get a resolution anytime soon.

If you don’t mind, please report it via ‘Help & Feedback’ at the bottom of the Google Inbox sidebar as well. It might help to increase its priority.

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