02 Sep 2015

'Send via Mailplane 3' Share Extension

Mailplane’s new share extension allows users to share files, urls and text from various applications (e.g. Photos, Pages, Numbers, Safari, TextEdit, etc.).

When you’re within a file or photo, you will see the Share button. Simply click the button and choose to send via Mailplane 3, to send that specific file.

Apple Photos

If you want to send something via the Finder window, select your file(s) and proceed to click the Share button and continue as above.


You can also send a file/photo that is on your desktop. To do this, Control-click and choose Share from the shortcut menu.


The Share button is very handy and allows you to share your files quickly to many different sources not only including Mailplane 3, but to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and to many other apps as well.

You can read more about the function here.