Change Keyboard Shortcuts

19 May 2014

Change Keyboard Shortcuts

Use System Preferences to change Mailplane keyboard shortcuts or assign new ones.

First, decide which menu item you want to change or assign a new shortcut to. In this article we will show you an example on how to assign a new shortcut to the menu item Show Fonts.

  1. Open System Preferences

  2. Go to Keyboard, choose the Shortcuts tab and then select App Shortcuts

  3. Press the + button

  4. Find Mailplane 3 in the Application list

  5. Enter the exact name of that menu item into the Menu title field (here Show Fonts)

  6. Assign a keyboard shortcut (here Command-1) and click Add

  7. Go to Mailplane 3 and open the menu to ensure that the correct keyboard shortcut has been assigned.