16 Dec 2013

Get unread message notifications


  1. To set-up Mailplane 3’s unread message notifications, please open Preferences... > Accounts > Notifications.

  2. Check the Enable Notifications box to enable notifications. In some cases Mailplane might not be able to fetch unread messages due to communications problems or because 2-step-verification is enabled. Simply press the Fix it button to resolve such kind of problems.

  3. Press Accept if the authorization dialog appears.

Unread Message Count

You can choose to show the unread message count in:

  • Only Dock (dock)
  • Only Menu Bar (menu)
  • Dock and Menu Bar
  • Neither Location

Instant Notification

Mac OSX Lion (10.7) users will get notifications via Growl and Mountain Lion or later (10.8+) users will get notifications via the Notification Center.

You don’t have to install any additional program in either case. Simply check the ‘Notify New Messages’ box for the account you’d like to get notifications. You can also choose the type of sound you’d like to hear from the Play Sound list.