10 Nov 2009

Service Menu Items

Access Mailplane’s service menu items from any application to send messages or search your inbox.

Every application has a “Services” menu item to access services provided by other applications. Most services operate on the current selection.

For example, you could select some text in the Pages application and perform the Pages > Services > Mailplane: Send Selection service menu item to compose a new message. The selected text will then automatically be inserted into the message body.

These are the the service menu items provided by Mailplane:

Mailplane: Search Inbox: Perform a Gmail search using the current text selection. The search result will be displayed inside the Mailplane main window.

Mailplane: Send Selection: Compose a new message. The selected text is automatically used as the body text.

Mailplane: Send To: Compose a new message and insert the selected text as the TO email address.

Mailplane: Send File: Select one or more files in Finder. The service will then compose a new message and attach the files to it.

Tip: Enable the service menu items in App Name > Services > Service preferences. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts, if you wish.