• 06 Nov 2011

    Mailplane 3.0.0 Beta 6

    Gmail's new lookSupports Gmail's new look
    See Google's introduction about Gmail's new look.
    To make it more coherent with Gmail's feel, Mailplane disables elastic scrolling in Calendar, Docs and Reader.

    Hide NotifierHide Notifier
    Choose "Only in Dock" option in Mailplane's Preferences to hide the notifier but still get notifications through Growl or the Dock icon.

    Open Downloads automaticallyOpen Downloads automatically
    Mailplane 3.0 does now open downloads automatically if enabled in Mailplane's Preferences.

    Further fixes and improvementsFurther fixes and improvements
    * "Mail link to This Page" does now work from Safari.
    * Growl and Notifier open messages in Inbox instead of All view.
    * Made Cookie Handling more stable.