• 05 Jun 2012

    Mailplane 3.0.0 Beta 16

    System WebKitSystem WebKit
    This version of Mailplane uses the WebKit installed on your system. Next to WebKit it does also share Cookies with Safari. Thus, you can use the same Google session inside Safari that has been previously established by Mailplane.

    Discontinued Docs & ReaderDiscontinued Docs & Reader
    We decided that Mailplane should focus on integrating Mail and Calendar beautifully into OSX instead of being a second Safari. We took 37signals' "Getting Real" as reference which calls that "Half, not half-assed".

    Mailplane's Notifier is now better in sync with Mailplane's main window. No refresh should be necessary anymore after you get a message notification.

    Reset MailplaneReset Mailplane
    "Reset Mailplane" has moved to the Mailplane3 menu and does now reset all account sessions. But it doesn't close tabs anymore. This makes it less harmful.

    Download Window ContextDownload Window Context Menu
    Download window has now a finder like context menu. Plus it allows you to import downloads directly into Evernote and iPhoto.

    Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard Shortcuts
    We changed keyboard shortcuts a little bit.
    Command-T: Creates a new tab
    Command-Shift-Option-T: Toggles toggles selection.