• 13 Sep 2012

    Mailplane 3.0.0 Beta 22

    Stability & Start-up PerformanceStability & Start-up Performance
    Mailplane remembers the content of each tab on quit. This improves performance and overall stability on start-up.

    Alternate tabbing keyboard shortcutsAlternate tabbing keyboard shortcuts
    Mailplane supports the same keyboard shortcuts for tabbing as Safari does. Next to the official ones (⌃⇥ ⌃⇧⇥) it supports now ⌘{ ⌘} and ⌥⌘[ ⌥⌘].

    Migrate from Mailplane 2Migrate from Mailplane 2
    Mailplane 3 migrates Mailplane 2 settings on initial start-up. That way you don't have to re-enter your settings if upgrading from Mailplane 2.

    Replaced 0boxer Plugin with AwayFindReplaced 0boxer Plugin with AwayFind
    AwayFind is now available as new plugin inside Mailplane 3. Enable it via Mailplane 3 > Preferences... > Accounts > Plugins.

    Fixes and minor improvementsFixes and minor improvements
    * Moved 'Show Downloads' from Mail to View menu
    * Added Mailplane 3 > Uninstall... menu item
    * Added View > Reload Page
    * Apply focus when switching tabs so keyboard shortcuts work right away
    * Enable notifications while adding a new account