• 08 Nov 2012

    Mailplane 3.0.0 Beta 26

    Blank SlateBlank Slate
    Mailplane 3 shows now something meaningful if all tabs are closed. And on first start-up there will be some guidance to set-up Mailplane 3 properly.

    Hide Scale Images DialogHide Scale Images Dialog
    Scale image dialog has now a 'Do not show this dialog again' checkbox.

    'View' LInk opens QuickLook'View' Link opens QuickLook
    'View' link next to the attachment opens QuickLook instead of starting the native app. This saves time and resources.

    * Fixed the problem where Mailplane downloaded the same attachment multiple times despite clicking on different attachments.
    * "Mail PDF with Mailplane" works again.
    * Message creation via AppleScript, mailto:, etc. is now more reliable.
    * Fixed endless account loads.