• 08 Dec 2012

    Mailplane 3.0.0 Beta 27

    New Compose ModeNew Compose Mode
    Mailplane supports Gmail's new compose mode. Mailplane does always compose a message in a new window. We think it is superior to Gmail's inline window.

    Preview Pane supportPreview Pane support
    Mailplane supports Preview pane. It's a Gmail lab feature (Gmail Settings > Labs) to read mail right next to your list of conversations.

    Ask for download locationAsk for download location
    Mailplane has a new 'Always ask me' option inside the 'Save attachments to' menu (Mailplane 3 > Preferences… > General). It asks for the download location after each download.

    * 'g' button don't makes an 'error beep' anymore (e.g. g+i shortcut)
    * Improved attachment preview (via QuickLook)
    * Context menu item 'Download linked file' does now work
    * Contact export (e.g. CSV) does now work